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Global Trade Activity

The global economy has never been so connected—nor so prone to disruption. Geopolitics, international events, extreme weather, and supply chain pressures can cause ripple effects across countries and industries.

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Import and exports data for 98% of the world's merchandise trade inclusive of monthly bilateral trade data for 95+ reporters and annual data for 180+ reporters.

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A changing world requires new insights, new analysis, and new approaches. The impact of geopolitical events, supply chain issues, health crises, and a changing climate is never confined to a single sector or market. Our clients require expertise and analysis that looks at the big picture.

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August 24, 2023
China’s global reach grows behind critical minerals

China’s reach is quietly growing behind minerals critical to a wide range of products that will shape the future. Facing more restrictive foreign investment policies in developed markets, Chinese firms are pursuing such key minerals as lithium and cobalt in other locations.

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Global Trade Tensions

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Concerns are mounting around global trade as supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and inflation risks rise.

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Trade Tensions

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S&P Global Commodity Insights looks at the impact of global tariffs and geopolitical relations on global metals, energy and agricultural commodities.